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Home Baked Goodness

YES! You can make YOUR OWN healthy, whole-grain bread!

  • Have you always wished you could make delicious, home-made bread, with healthy ingredients, but it seemed way too hard or confusing?
  • Have you tried making  bread in the past, but it turned out like a brick when you used all whole wheat flour?

This 2-DVD set includes over 3 hours of step-by-step instruction so that YOU can be successful making your own Home Baked Goodness!

I have been viewing the bread baking DVD. It is very well done, easy to understand, professional, yet feels quite personal. Your delivery makes me feel like you are speaking directly to me and not just projecting a class on a video.

Thanks to both you and Charlie for your labor of love in putting this fantastic video out.

- Toni, Palmer, Alaska

Learn my secrets to making whole grain bread
instead of whole grain bricks!

  • If you get the right balance of these 2 ingredients, your bread will come out just right!
  • What magic ingredient will make it possible for your bread to rise higher and be lighter — without adding any nutritionally deficient white flour?
  • How can you keep your bread tasting fresher longer?  Store-bought bread stays fresh because of unhealthy preservatives — but you can keep your bread fresh longer by adding one simple ingredient (and it is a whole food!  No chemicals!)
  • With my one basic whole grain bread recipe, you can make innumerable varieties of breads, rolls, and even pizza dough!  Learn how to vary this basic recipe to suit your own tastes and needs.  It’s simple!


  • You won’t want to put unhealthy spreads on your wonderful, healthy homemade bread!  So I’ve included 3 healthy AND delicious spreads you can make so easily in minutes!
  • ALSO, I’ve included demos and recipes for making your own incredible NON-DAIRY cheesy sauce and a sliceable cheez!  (no cholesterol or saturated fat!)
  • PLUS a delicious meat-free veggeroni.  All the taste of pepperoni without the carcinogens!

You’ll get ALL of this and MORE!

  • How to mix bread using a bread machine
  • How to mix and knead bread by hand
  • HOMEMADE PIZZA (make your own dough and sauce)
  • Understanding different types of whole-grain flour and how to choose them.
  • PLUS BONUSES : healthy spreads for your bread, veggeroni, and non-dairy cheesy sauce and zesty jalapeño cheese.

Home Baked Goodness DVD

So now, just click the button for the version that meets your needs best: the DVD plus online version, or the online version only. Then get started making your own house smell wonderful with freshly baked bread!

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Home Baked Goodness
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Home Baked Goodness would make a fantastic,
one-of-a-kind gift!

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