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Amazing Chia Seed Pudding

Have you eaten chia seeds?  They’re funny little things.  Crunchy at first, but if you let them soak in liquid, they absorb the water and make tiny little balls.  Reminds me of tapioca, sort of. Chia seeds are a great source of Omega 3’s, like flax seeds are. But you don’t need to grind chia […]

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The Yes To Life Solution to our Health Destroying Habits

Once upon a time there was a large country named Acirema where children and adults played a very popular game called Dodge the Cars. As you can imagine, this was a very dangerous game. Everywhere you looked, people were running through busy streets, even freeways, dodging the cars. Parents taught their children this game as […]

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Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s Day is all about saying “I love you” in all sorts of ways. I love that! But you know what? I think most of forget that we need to love ourselves, too, and show love to ourselves in all sorts of ways. No, that’s not selfish. It’s essential! Okay . . . so that […]

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A Big Dilemma

 “I WANT to eat healthy vegan food . . . but I’m surrounded by people eating meat and junk food. It’s so hard feeling like I don’t fit in.” Peer Pressure is alive and well. No, it’s not just teenagers who want to fit in. Peer pressure is alive and well at ALL ages! It’s […]

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Who is the Author of Your Life?

My mantra for the last 15 years has been “Say YES to life!” which is why I chose it as the name of my business. It helps guide my choices AND my attitude, and I’m grateful for all the good I experience living this way. I have now added a new mantra — not instead […]

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Is It Time?

Have you felt the shift inside you? I’m feeling something different in 2014.  Are you? I’m feeling like “It’s time!” Time for what? Well, it’s different for each of us, I suppose. But for me it feels like it’s time to step up, show up, and move up. It’s time to stop thinking about it, […]

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Healthy Holiday Nog

What says HOLIDAYS! better than eggnog? Healthy Holiday Nog! This is the simplest, yummiest AND healthiest version of nog you’ll ever find. Totally vegan, and made from whole, unprocessed plants. And you can make it in about 2 minutes. (The first minute is taking the ingredients out of your cupboard and freezer.) You know me […]

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The Missing Piece

I’m thrilled to share my good news! I’m now an International Bestselling Author of The Missing Piece, A Transformational Journey. It is available on This is a book about transformation, my own and that of 26 other amazing women. Each story is moving, inspiring, and motivating. I share my story in this video. Those […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Does all this talk about being thankful on Thanksgiving start to feel phony? Why should we just feel thankful on Thanksgiving? Why should we only focus on “Peace on Earth” on Christmas? Why should we only celebrate our mothers on Mother’s Day? Of course, we shouldn’t limit our love and gratitude to special days. However, […]

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Is a Vegan Thanksgiving Taking it Too Far?

Of all the holidays, I love Thanksgiving the most. Some people think that sounds weird coming from a long-time vegan. Those who equate Thanksgiving with stuffing themselves with a stuffed turkey may wonder why I would even bother celebrating Thanksgiving. After all, what’s the point if there is no turkey on “Turkey Day?” I remember […]

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Do You Have the 1 Percent?

Okay, I’m not talking about THE 1 percent — there’s another 1 percent I want you to have. And it’s pretty easy to get. In fact, I’m going to give it to you right now. The 1 % I’m talking about is all you really need to know to eat a healthy plant-based diet. Nutrition […]

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The Under-appreciated Power of Deciding

  I learned something new yesterday. Something powerful. Want to know what it was? . . . Good! We’ve all made decisions all our lives. But I never understood what it really means to decide. Now I do, and I have a new appreciation for the amazing power of making a decision. The word “decide” […]

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What I Could Do If…

Remember the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well, now we’re grown up. And what are you doing? Who are you being? Is it what you want to be doing? If not, why not? There are lots of reasons why we aren’t living the lives we want to be living. […]

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Why You Need to Understand Diabetes, Even if You Don’t Have It (yet).

I’ve got 3 questions for you: 1. Is high blood sugar the cause of diabetes? 2. If you have diabetes, but meds can get your blood sugar down to normal, have you solved the problem? 3. If your blood sugar is normal and you don’t have diabetes, does that mean you don’t need to be […]

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From Comfort Zone to Safety Zone

Comfort: it even sounds warm and fuzzy. We all like comfort and seek it out when we’re feeling stressed. What creates that feeling of comfort for you? Truthfully, what we are comfortable with is what we’re used to — what we grew up with — and what others around us are doing. We tend to […]

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