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About Us


Delisa_Charlie_Delisa and her husband, Charlie, are co-founders of Yes To Life.  Delisa provides instruction, mentoring, and coaching to help people prevent and reverse diabetes and other serious health problems with a whole-foods, plant-based diet.  Charlie is the photographer, videographer, and video editor. They live in Alaska and share their lives with their dog, Heidi, cats, Sabrina & Buddy, abundant wildlife, and gorgeous scenery.



What I Believe:

I believe we are designed to be slim and healthy, but we have been programmed to get fat and sick.  The Standard American Diet of processed foods and animal products, along with a sedentary lifestyle, are creating a health crisis which cannot be cured with medication. The solution is to provide what our bodies need to be healthy: a whole-foods, plant-based diet and healthy movement.

Our amazing, self-healing bodies have an incredible ability to reverse even longstanding health problems when we begin eating as we are designed to eat.  My personal story, which I share below, is just one example of this.

I believe we all deserve to be healthy, and this is an attainable goal for almost everyone. I also believe that eating the healthiest, highest quality food (which means whole plant-foods) is an act of love, not an  act of deprivation.

My Story:

I grew up in Alaska and have lived here most of my life. I love living here!

I’m committed to living the most full, joyful life I can, which is why we chose the name of our business, Yes to Life.

I’m very aware that poor health and excess weight are huge roadblocks preventing many people from enjoying life to the fullest. I also know, from first-hand experience, that diets are not only NOT the answer, but they actually create more of the problems they are intended to solve.  I’m committed to helping people transform their relationship with food and with their own bodies so their naturally healthy and slim body can emerge.  This then allows them to say Yes! to their lives in a much bigger way.  Like many people, I came to this the hard way. My struggle became my gift and my blessing to share.

In my early 20′s, I struggled with my weight and tried starving it off. I suddenly had more problems to deal with. I discovered that diets made me become fixated on food. I stopped listening to my body. I chose foods I thought would help me lose weight, not foods that tasted good or were good for me. I was certainly not enjoying life at that time.

By my mid-20′s, I had created some serious health problems with my unhealthy diet, resulting in inflammation throughout my body. I had iritis in my eyes and was told I would go blind; arthritis in my back and hip making it difficult to walk or get out of bed some days, gastritis, making my stomach hurt terribly, and ulcerative colitis, causing bloody stools. I lost all trust in my body. It had become just a series of problems to deal with, and doctors gave me no hope for the future. What they did give me was drugs with serious side effects, because that’s all they knew to do.

Fortunately, I decided on my own to start taking better care of myself. I didn’t know much about nutrition at that stage in my life, but I did know that diets were not helping me; they were making things worse.  So I decided to do what now seems like common sense: stop dieting and eat for health instead of to trying to force my body down to a certain weight. That’s when I started really listening to my body.

It didn’t take long for my body to respond to this positive care, and my health problems evaporated. My weight stabilized and I no longer had to worry about my weight or my health. I was able to get on with my life, enjoying all that life has to offer. I have an incredible appreciation for my vision, after expecting to go blind. I love the ability to move freely, after being so restricted by painful arthritis, and I treasure my digestive system which works perfectly to digest healthy foods. I greatly enjoy my food and never having to worry about my weight.  I’m SO much healthier at 62 than I was at 22!

I’m actually grateful for the problems I experienced at such a young age because I’ve had a much greater appreciation for my good health and naturally healthy weight for the past 35 years than if I had never struggled. I also became motivated to learn all I could about health and nutrition, and discovered the incredible benefits of a plant-based diet when I was about 30 years old.

My Education:

I became an RN because of my interest in health, and later began teaching plant-based nutrition and cooking courses because it was the most direct route to helping people become healthy.


Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University

Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University

I’m certified in plant-based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University.

I taught nutrition and cooking classes through the Food for Life program sponsored by The Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine for six years.

I also hold degrees in Education and Spirituality.

My Mission:

My mission is to share what I’ve learned so others can get free from health and problems. After discovering the solution, which is actually quite simple and attainable, I want everyone to experience the benefits I’ve attained so they can live fully and joyfully, saying Yes! to their lives as well!

Certified Coach AllianceNow, with a commitment to sharing this life-changing information more broadly,   I  offer private and group coaching, long-term success programs, week-end immersions at my home, and online courses and videos so I can help many more people!

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 I grew up in Colorado and moved to Alaska in 1997 to become partners in every way with Delisa. Sometimes people wonder if this was a difficult change for me, but the answer is No!  I have loved the outdoors all my life and it is a joy to be surrounded by the beauty of Alaska. 

I’ve been interested in nature photography since I was a child, so taking pictures in Alaska is a dream come true for me.

One big change when I married Delisa was changing my diet! She was vegan — meaning she ate only plants — and she was committed to having a vegan home.   Even though I wasn’t vegan at that time, I loved the food Delisa prepared, so I had no problem making the overnight transition to a plant-based diet. (I like to joke that it was a prenuptial agreement!) Now I’m really grateful that I made that change when I did, as I’m sure my good health is partially the result of my healthy diet.

Since then, I’ve become educated about the many benefits of a plant-based diet and am as committed to it as Delisa is. I find great satisfaction in knowing that making one simple choice, choosing to live a vegan lifestyle, is better for my health, the health of the earth and not one animal had to suffer for me to eat.  I’ve worked with her for the past 8 years, teaching nutrition and cooking classes, and have seen how people’s lives are transformed by adopting a healthy, whole-f0ods, plant-based diet.

I’ve been able to use my experience filming nature and wildlife to film Delisa’s cooking demonstrations and lessons.  It’s a little different, but life with Delisa can be a bit of a wild ride, so it works out!




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