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28 Day Program for Reversing Diabetes

28 Day Program for Reversing Diabetes


Diabetes . . . .

OMG It’s a scary word  . . . and it should be, because people with diabetes have a higher than usual risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and amputations, just to name a few.

Another scary thought is that the world is experiencing an epidemic of diabetes.  Almost half of all adult Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes, although many don’t know it yet.

Untreated diabetes is dangerous!  But did you know . . .  TREATED diabetes is also dangerous.

That’s right, just because you take pills or insulin injections doesn’t mean you won’t still experience heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure and amputations.

The real problem
is that our lifestyles are causing an underlying condition called

Insulin Resistance

which leads to all these health disasters I’ve already named.

Here’s the Good News: 

We Can REVERSE Insulin Resistance

by changing our lifestyle.

AND when we reverse insulin resistance, we also reverse diabetes and all the associated health problems.

And  more good news:  you can do this by eating the diet humans are designed to eat and moving your body (sometimes called exercise).  This same lifestyle helps you lose weight, improves digestion, strengthens your immune system, balances your hormones, and just plain helps you feel good.

MedicationsInjection with syringe


The typical approach to diabetes is to treat the symptoms. 

But when you do that, the underlying disease process (insulin resistance) continues to progress and your health continues to worsen.

Instead, let’s correct the CAUSE!

In spite of the complexity of the problems,  the solution is surprisingly simple: When we provide what our bodies need, they will heal themselves. 

That’s right.  Our bodies are designed to be healthy!  We have built-in self-healing and self-regulating systems.

The diet most Americans and others in the Western world eat is causing a myriad of health problems, and diabetes is one of them.

Doctors and dietitians are telling us to eat considerably more vegetables and fruits, but they don’t take it quite far enough.

Not only do we need to eat far more fruits and vegetables,  we need to STOP eating the foods that are making us sick: processed foods and animal products.

Research is very clear now that people who eat a diet based upon whole, unprocessed plant foods live longer, healthier, and slimmer lives.

When we eat the right foods, our bodies immediately begin to correct the problems.

Our blood sugar begins to normalize, our cholesterol begins to drop, our blood pressure drops, we lose excess weight, our arteries start opening up more.


 So what does this mean for you?

    • Healthy woman with towelMore energy
    • Sharper thinking
    • Lose weight naturally and permanently
    • Sleep better
    • Reduce or eliminate medications
    • Peace of mind

Life is so much better when we feel well and have more energy — when we’re not worrying about how our health is deteriorating and taking more and more pills.



What are some of the things you would enjoy if you felt better physically and had more peace of mind?

  • healthy woman holding an appleMore fun with your kids or grandkids? 
  • Hobbies? 
  • Travel? 
  • Looking better in your clothes?
  • More hope for your future?
  • More confidence?
  • More success in your career or business?
  • More quality time with your spouse and friends?
  • Less time and money spent on doctors and medications?

There is really no way to quantify the value of your health.

The only people who REALLY know the value of health
are those who have lost it.


This is where it gets personal for me

I learned the value of health early in life.  My first serious illness happened when I was 20 years old.

It started with being told I was likely to go blind when I had a raging inflammation in my eye.

This was followed by severe arthritis in my hip that made walking extremely painful, and sometimes impossible.

By the time I was 25 I also had debilitating stomach pain (gastritis) and bloody stools (ulcerative colitis.)

I was so scared. I didn’t want a future of being blind, crippled, and in pain!

But the doctors had no cure for my problems — all they could  offer  was a band-aid approach that treated the symptoms with powerful anti-inflammatory drugs that all had dangerous side-effects.

So I realized if anything was going to change for the better, it was up to me.

Delisa hiking in mountainsI didn’t know what to do, but I did know that my diet wasn’t very healthy, so in one moment, when I was 26, I made the decision that I was going to start eating for health.

And it was like a miracle!  As soon as I changed my diet, my body began to heal itself.

I’m now 63 and the memory of all that pain, inflammation, and fear makes me so grateful for all the wonderful years I’ve had since changing my diet.

Now it is my mission
to help you eat the diet that will support your self-healing body in returning to health.

The wonderful part of all this is that no matter what health problems we have, they all get better when we begin eating the healthiest diet.

Sometimes people are skeptical about this. We’ve been trained to think we need to eat one way for heart disease, another way for diabetes, and few people even know our diet matters with cancer!

But the truth is, we just need to nourish our body properly, and then our body’s wisdom takes that nourishment and uses it to return to health.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

 Suppose you have a plant that’s not doing well. It’s leaves are getting yellow, it’s not growing very well, and you’re afraid it’s going to die.

You could go online and find recommendations for all kinds of supplements to feed your plant. Maybe there would be a miracle solution to spray on it’s leaves.

But then your friend makes a suggestion:  “I’ll bet your plant would grow better if you took it out of that dark corner and gave it some water.”

Well, that sounds almost too simple!  How could something this simple help?  But you try it.

Voila! When you provide the environment your plant needs, it takes care of the rest. It’s not long before your plant is looking perky, the leaves are nice and green, and you notice it’s actually growing again!

So you’re probably saying,  “Well, that’s just common sense. Everybody knows that.  My health problems are totally different.”

Actually, they’re not as different as you might think.

Our bodies thrive when we provide the right environment, meaning the right diet and lifestyle.

It’s actually a miracle that we survive as long and as well as we do when we eat the Standard American Diet (SAD).   Eventually, though, it catches up with us.  But when we begin eating the diet we’re designed to eat, our self-healing body begins to reverse all the complex health problems that have been accumulating for years.

Okay, I get it.
But I don’t even know where to start!

 Are you ready for more good news? ? ?   My program will take you step-by-step through the information and skills you’ll need to successfully adopt a healthy diet that will begin to reverse diabetes.

 It’s important to have a basic understanding of nutrition, food, meal planning, and meal preparation in order to know the what, why, and how of eating to prevent and reverse illness.

 My course provides all of this information in an easy-to-understand sequence of videos, supplemented with hand-outs and action steps to take.

 It took me YEARS to reach the level of understanding I now have. I became an RN.  I’ve been reading, learning, and practicing healthy plant-based nutrition for over 20 years. I’ve earned a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, through Cornell University. I taught Food for Life Classes for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for 7 years, and I’ve helped thousands of students and clients reverse a wide variety of health problems.

 I want to shortcut the learning process for you so you can start getting results FAST!

28 Day Program for Reversing Diabetes

So what’s included?

  • Getting Started Video to help you understand the underlying cause of 28Day Program work sheets, transcripts, handouts & recipesdiabetes.
  • 4 Modules containing nutrition videos, action sheets, handouts, and tracking sheets.
    • Downloadable (MP3) audios of each nutrition video so you can listen when you’re away from your computer.
    • Transcripts of each nutrition video.
  • Over 30 cooking demonstrations (video) and Tips & Tricks videos to help you master basic food preparation techniques.
    •  Printable recipes for each demonstration.
  • Resources: recommended books, websites, cooking equipment, and staples to keep in your pantry.
  • Lifetime Access to the entire program.
28 Day MP3 Audio player Cooking Demo video on tablet

So all in one place you get the nutrition information you need PLUS all the cooking demonstrations so you learn how to prepare the right foods in the healthiest ways, AND make them delicious.


If you are curious about Delisa’s teaching style and knowledge of plant-based nutrition, check out the 2 sample lessons from this course.
Sample Lessons button-link to 2 sample lessons.

Why do I call this the 28 Day Program for Reversing Diabetes?

This program is designed for you to learn the basics of choosing a healthy, diabetes-defying diet. If you go through one module per week, it will take 28 days.

During this 28 days, I encourage you to implement what you learn immediately, and when you do, you’ll begin to see results very rapidly.

By the end of 28 days, you will see results in your weight, blood sugar, energy levels, and often blood pressure.

Does this mean that after 28 Days I can go back to my old habits?

Not unless you want to return to your old health problems.

This program provides the plan for how to eat for life.  It is not a “diet,” it is a way of life that will lead you to your optimal health and optimal weight.

Although you will definitely see results within the first 28 days, your health and weight will continue to improve the longer you eat this optimal diet.


Woman...she gets it!What if I can’t watch all the videos in 28 days?

No worries. You will have LIFETIME access to all the videos and other resources in this program! 

I recommend you watch them through once, and then go through them all again. You’ll learn much more the second time through.

It’s also a good idea to review them periodically just to be sure you’re still on track and to renew your motivation.

Plus, when you’re getting ready to try one of the recipes included in the course, it may be helpful to watch me make it again first.


How do I know this will work for me?

I can’t guarantee any specific results for you because everyone’s results depend upon their own actions, but I can tell you this approach has helped thousands of others.

“Delisa’s 28 Day Program for Reversing Diabetes is phenomenal and life-changing! She presents the nutritional information in a way that is easy to take in so you can understand why a whole-foods plant-based diet is important for reversing diabetes. The cooking videos then make the nutritional information very practical and doable, and it’s surprising how easy it really is to prepare this healthy food. And every recipe I’ve tried has been delicious! I also appreciate that there is a downloadable audio mp3 of each nutrition lesson so that I can listen to it in my vehicle. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has diabetes, who wants to prevent it, or who has a friend or family member with diabetes. My life totally changed when I adopted the diet Delisa teaches in this course, and I want everyone to know how it can change theirs, too.”   ~ Phil Eherenman, Anchorage, Alaska
““I was not a believer in how eating vegan could actually reverse my diabetes. I have learned first-hand how I could lose weight and watch my diabetic numbers go down!”   ~ Judy L., Anchorage, Alaska
“Eating a vegan diet has reversed my diabetes. I now know that I can lead a healthy life in all ways. . . forever!”   ~ Anna Luby, Plano, Tx
This class needs to be required by health insurance companies! More doctors need to recommend this class to everyone, but especially diabetics”.   ~ Pam H., Willow, Alaska
“Now I visualize what’s going on inside my body nutritionally so that keeps me on track. Knowledge is a great incentive.”   ~ Jackie O., Anchorage, Alaska

What is all this going to cost me?

doctorIf this course saved you even one visit to the doctor, it would be worth at least $250.

If it reversed your diabetes, it would be worth over $7900 per year (the expenses directly attributed to having diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association.)

If it saved you years of living in fear that your health problems are just going to get worse and worse, and there is nothing you can do about it, it would be PRICELESS!

If it prevented you from experiencing a heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, or amputation, it would be PRICELESS!

No amount of money would pay for the true value this course can offer you.

28 Day Program for Reversing Diabetes

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The information provided in this course is general information — not a specific prescription for you. This course is not to be interpreted as medical advice.  If you are currently taking any medications, BE SURE to let your health care provider know about any changes you make in your diet. Changing your diet can and does have a significant effect on your health, and you will very likely need to have your medications adjusted, reduced, or eliminated. Any changes in your medications MUST be supervised by your health care provider!


We fully expect that everyone who makes healthy changes in their diet will experience an improvement in their health!  That’s normal!  However, we DO NOT and CANNOT  guarantee any specific results in your particular case.

We do make a guarantee however. We believe this course is of excellent quality and will be extremely helpful to you in making informed dietary choices. We also believe the cooking demos will be very beneficial in making this information practical and useful.  We stand behind a money-back satisfaction guarantee:  If you are not satisfied with this course, you may get a refund for 100% of your purchase price within 30 days of purchase.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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