Do You Have the 1 Percent?

1 percentOkay, I’m not talking about THE 1 percent — there’s another 1 percent I want you to have. And it’s pretty easy to get. In fact, I’m going to give it to you right now.

The 1 % I’m talking about is all you really need to know to eat a healthy plant-based diet.

Nutrition can seem terribly complicated, and when people shift from the Standard American Diet to a plant-based diet, they can be worried about “doing it right.” In fact, there are entire websites designed to make you worry! It can seem so complicated that it hardly seems worth the effort.

Today, I’m going to boil it all down to the 1% that you really need to know, and then you can explore the other 99% when you get around to it.

First, I just want to say I’ve invested a lot of time learning nutrition, and I don’t want to downplay the value of learning the details. However, knowing these details isn’t terribly important in terms of choosing your food on a daily basis. In fact, it’s often a case of losing sight of the forest for the trees — or should I say losing sight of the garden for the kale.

Okay . . . enough of the preamble. Are you ready? Here comes the 1 percent!

Eat plants. Eat only plants. Eat a variety of different plants. Eat them raw and cooked. And eat them as close to how they came out of the garden (or orchard) as possible. (And supplement with Vitamin B12.) * (see note below)

Eat Plants (Text Box)That’s it!

Could it really be that simple?


That’s all you need to know to choose a healthy, life-supporting diet.

The other 99% is just about explaining why that’s all you need to do. But it can sound so complicated that we lose the simple message — eat plants!

99% text box
Here’s a very quick summary of the other 99 percent, just to help you feel reassured about the 1 percent.

Plants contain ALL the nutrients our bodies need, in a form that supports great health. They have protein (yes, they do!), fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and fiber. The largest land animals get all the nutrition they need from eating plants, and so can we.

You can study which plants are higher in which nutrients, and how these nutrients protect your health is which ways, but the bottom line is, we do best when we eat a variety of plants because we get the whole symphony of nutrients. Do you need to know how an oboe is made to enjoy hearing the orchestra?

Animal products do NOT have all the nutrients we need, and, in fact, animal products are very damaging to our health. There is a lot of research describing the type and extent of this damage. However, you can understand the importance of not stepping in front of a speeding truck without knowing exactly which organ is first to die because of the impact.

Processed foods have most of their nutrients removed (not good) and lots of other, unhealthy things added (not good). You can study the research showing how chemical additives wreak havoc with our health, and which ones are worst. But do yout really need to know whether Drano or ammonia is worse for you to understand that they should NOT be consumed?

So, I actually recommend that you learn a few things to support your awareness that the 1 percent is all you need to know to choose a healthy diet. One place to start is at Dr. Greger provides a short, entertaining, daily video about the latest nutrition research that supports the wisdom of the 1 percent.

You can also get a very good grasp of the scope of great plant-based nutrition in my online course, The 28 Day Program for Reversing Diabetes, (previously called the Yes to Life Nutrition & Cooking Course.)

But PLEASE, in all the fascinating details you’ll learn, don’t lose sight of the simplicity of eating a plant-based diet. It really does boil down to:

Eat plants. Eat only plants. Eat a variety of different plants. Eat them raw and cooked. And eat them as close to how they came out of the garden (or orchard) as possible. (And supplement with Vitamin B12.)*

*Vitamin B12 is not made by plants or animals — it is made by bacteria. In the “old days” we consumed this bacteria while eating wild plants. Now that we wash our food, we need to take a B12 supplement.

I’m curious — does getting clarity about this 1% help you know what to eat and feel comfortable with it?
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4 Responses to Do You Have the 1 Percent?

  1. Diane November 8, 2013 at 1:24 PM #

    What is the name of the video by Dr. Greger that you are referring us to? When I click on the provided link there appears to be a video re ditoxins or something like that? Is that the 1% video?

    Also is the 28 day course you refer to the one I took and still have access to or have you made another one?
    See below:

    The 28 Day Program for Reversing Diabetes, (previously called the Yes to Life Nutrition & Cooking Course.)

    Thanks Diane Barnett

    • Delisa Renideo November 8, 2013 at 1:37 PM #

      Hi Diane,
      The link to Dr. Greger’s site gives you access to all his videos. He puts up a new one 5 days per week.
      He doesn’t have a video about the 1%. That’s me saying that — not him! His videos provide all the details that fill in the other 99%.

      And yes, the course you invested in is basically the same course, and you do still have access to it. I’m just adding some additional information to it that is specific to diabetes, and will also be offering it as a 4 week teleclass.

  2. Cloudy Rockwell November 9, 2013 at 3:48 PM #


    That is such a great way of putting the program, the idea, the diet, the way of eating! The 1% you really need to know! So many people say to me that it must be “so hard” to eat the way I do, and I have actually responded with your 1% (not as 1%, of course, because you just told me that!)–in other words, I say to them, “I eat plants–I eat all sorts of plants!”

    What a wonderful way to express how incredibly simple and do-able this way of eating is. (Except at restaurants and luncheons, of course!)

    • Delisa Renideo November 9, 2013 at 6:41 PM #

      Hi Cloudy,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Coming from you, after totally transforming your diet and your life, makes it especially meaningful. When we realize how simple it really is, on a day to day level, it can take so much of the overwhelm out of it. And then we can finesse things as we learn more.

      Thanks again!

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